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Q Cleaner Alterations

Summer soiree dress alterations and dry cleaning

Kim at Q Cleaner and Tailor

Thanks to Q Cleaner & Tailor customers & fans for making the #1 best Dry Cleaner in Acton MA & Middlesex West Boston 5 years In a row!! - Kim

Kim, Owner of Q Cleaner and Tailor

Call Kim, Q Cleaner Owner & Professional Tailor at 978-264-4005 for questions on dry cleaning & alterations.   

Q Cleaner & Tailor. The Cleaners with heart!   

The Cleaners with Heart

Proud to be VOTED #1 Dry Cleaner & Tailor in Acton MA & Gold in Middlesex West Boston 5 years in a row!

Q Cleaner and Tailor Dry Cleaning

Print Soiree dress alterations and cleaning 

Q Cleaner Masks

Kim sewing Q professional face masks #MaskUpActon